"Sleep Secrets" Seminar

Beautiful business lady is talking on the mobile phone, making notes and smiling, working in office while her cute little baby is sitting on desk and looking at camera

Does your baby or toddler wake up multiple times per night?
Are naps a battle of wills?
Do you want your child to sleep better without using Cry It Out methods?

Although exhaustion is an expected part of new parenthood, it doesn’t have to last forever. Understanding how baby sleep works is the first step to improving it!

The “Sleep Secrets” seminars have been created to give you the knowledge and strategies you need to improve your child’s sleep.

Advice applies to babies and toddlers, newborn – 2-years. 

Babes in arms are always welcome!

What’s Covered in this Course?

  • Your child’s sleep needs for their age
  • How to tell the difference between early and late sleep signs
  • How to set up a sleep-inducing environment
  • How temperament affects sleep
  • How to implement the optimal bedtime-routine
  • How to determine the best “schedule” for your child
  • Why your child wakes at night and how to improve this
  • How to set the stage for better sleep

WHERE: Offered through ZOOM online.
TIME: 10 am – 12 pm