Gentle Sleep Coaching Workshop

Beautiful business lady is talking on the mobile phone, making notes and smiling, working in office while her cute little baby is sitting on desk and looking at camera


What’s Covered in this Course?

  • 2-3 different sleep coaching methods so you can choose the one that feels right for you AND your baby (Cry it Out is not a method that will be discussed.)
  • Gentle sleep shaping tips
  • Why your baby has trouble falling asleep and how to help them
  • How much sleep your child needs
  • How to identify early, mid-range, and late sleep signs and why that’s important
  • How to determine your child’s unique sleep schedule (no templates-by-age here!)
  • What self-soothing ACTUALLY looks like
  • How to minimize crying
  • How to prevent your child from becoming overwhelmed
  • How to ensure your child is self-soothing through the ENTIRE process
  • Troubleshooting tips if you hit any bumps in the road
  • How to help transition your baby from sleep associations to independent sleep
  • How to fully or partially wean from night feedings
  • How to address early rising
  • How to apply gentle sleep coaching methods to naps


  • One month access to the Video Membership Site (valued at $69)!
  • You can watch and rewatch any of the above topics PLUS these additional topics:
  • 2 additional gentle sleep coaching methods
  • 2 additional night weaning strategies
  • How to adapt the coaching for older kids (between 3 and 6 years of age)
  • What developmental leaps are and how they impact sleep
  • How to help your child sleep while travelling
  • How to transition out of the swaddle
  • How temperament affects sleep
  • How to set up an ideal sleep environment
  • How to establish a bedtime routine that will help your child feel safe and secure
  • What to do when your child is sick, teething, or going through a developmental milestone

Upcoming Dates:

April 3rd , 2020
June 12th, 2020

When:  10 am – 12 pm
Where: Dr.For Moms; #120, 3820 Brentwood Road NW

So this is how it works:

Prior to attending you will fill out a questionnaire. Based on the questionnaires from the attendees, I will choose 2-3 different gentle sleep coaching methods to go over in the workshop. The methods I teach will depend on the ages, developmental stages, and temperaments of the babies and the goals of the parents who are attending. Based on what you learn, and by listening to your intuition, you will choose the method that feels right for you and for your baby.

If you are interested in creating your own sleep plan but would like to have support as you carry out the sleep plan, follow-up support is also available.

*Your baby MUST be at least 4.5 months of age to attend this workshop!

Let me know if you have any questions. Let’s get you sleeping!