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Good Night Sleep Tight Workbook - FREE Chapter 1
Good Night Sleep Tight Workbook – FREE Chapter 1

Thank you so much for signing up for my newsletter!  Establishing healthy sleep habits from an early age is so important for your little ones.  Whatever questions you have, you can find answers here.  Your first step to building strong sleep habits in your child can be found “The Good Night, Sleep Tight Workbook” by Kim West:

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This e-book is full of helpful suggestions and contains excerpts from the Sleep Lady’s (Kim West’s) book, Good Night, Sleep Tight to help you easily and gently sleep coach your child.  As your child grows and develops, so will their sleep needs, which is why I am constantly updating my blog with all of the sleep education and resources you will need as your child learns and grows.

If you are feeling utterly exhausted and have pressing sleep questions, I encourage you to visit my Facebook page.  You may post questions on my page OR you can ask your questions in my closed Facebook Group: Gentle Sleep Solutions for Babies and Children. This is a place to ask anything sleep-related and to offer other tired parents advice based on what has worked for you and your family.  I pop into the page daily to offer advice and tips. You can also call me any day of the week at 403-612-3980 for a free 15 minute phone consultation.

Solid sleep is just around the bend for your and your child. Download your FREE Chapter of the e-book now to get started: Start Sleeping now


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