Baby Sleep Myths Busted

8 Baby Sleep Myths Busted!

8 Baby Sleep Myths Busted! As a parent, I’m sure you have received massive amounts of opposing advice from Google, your mother, your mother-in-law, your friend, your neighbour, the grocery store clerk and so on. Although well-intentioned, the copious amounts of advice are often inaccurate. Today I will be debunking 8 of the common sleep […]

Cry it Out: Will it Damage my Baby?

Cry It Out: Will it Harm my Baby?

Cry It Out: Will it “Harm” my Baby? Ah, the controversial topic of “Cry it Out”. We have all seen articles and blog posts floating around the internet claiming that cortisol floods your baby’s brain and nervous system when sleep training is implemented. I remember having visions of this dreaded stress hormone circulating through my […]