I am a Gentle Sleep Coach serving the Calgary area.


Andrea Galambos - Calgary's Gentle Sleep Coach
Andrea Galambos – Calgary’s Gentle Sleep Coach

I’m Andrea and I am Calgary’s Gentle Sleep Coach. I have been trained by Kim West (LCSW-C and author of Good Night Sleep Tight) to help you teach your child to sleep peacefully using the gentle sleep coaching method. I work with exhausted, sleep deprived parents of infants and small children helping them gently and lovingly teach their children invaluable sleep skills. As the children learn to sleep, parents are reunited with their own long-lost and desperately missed uninterrupted sleep.

I am incredibly grateful to be the mother of two beautiful little boys who brighten my world every day.  My first child was your run of the mill bad sleeper, but we suffered through the first year and eventually slept through the night.

My second child came into the world crying and didn’t stop for eight weeks. I was lucky to bank one solid hour of sleep at a time in that first month.  By seven months, we had attempted co-sleeping, chair sleeping, car seat sleeping, bouncy chair sleeping, nursing, rocking, singing, patting, shushing, and probably many other tactics that have been lost in the blur of that fatigued time in my life.  Despite all of our efforts, we were still wakened six to twelve times per night by our newest family member.  By the time he was seven months, we reached a point of desperation and discovered a Gentle Sleep Coach® who had our baby sleeping through the night within 9 nights.

This inspired me to become certified as a Gentle Sleep Coach® so I could offer help to parents who are in that zombie zone and finding it hard to function due to lack of sleep. I have been certified as a Gentle Sleep Coach since July 2015. You may find me in the Gentle Sleep Coach Directory.

Before my babies came into my life, I obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication and Culture with a Psychology minor. My professional background has focused on mental health, social work, and children.  I remain passionate about helping people live their best lives and have found that rested people are often the happiest people.  I truly understand how life changing sleep can be and I want to help you feel well rested once again. I look forward to serving as your Gentle Sleep Coach.

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