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  • Are you awakened multiple times per night by one or more children?
  • Are you exhausted after spending hours rocking, wearing, or cuddling your baby to sleep?
  • Has bedtime become a battle of wills that takes hours?
  • Are you aware that your child is sleep deprived but are unsure as to how to fix the problem?

Did you know that there are options other than “Cry it Out” and “Wait it Out” that can drastically improve your baby’s sleep?

The 2004 Sleep in America™ poll finds that children are getting less sleep than experts recommend and more than two-thirds of children experience frequent sleep problems.

Children’s poor sleep habits also take a toll on parents/caregivers, some of whom lose an estimated 200 hours of sleep a year due to their child’s nighttime awakenings.

As a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach ®, I can help by creating a baby sleep plan adapted to your family’s unique needs and desires.  I always encourage you to respond to your child’s emotions and needs throughout the coaching process.  

Are you ready to teach your child the sleep skills they need and enjoy blissful uninterrupted sleep?

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